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“A key part of our philosophy is to ensure that we, and other team members, are fully aware of  your project and business objectives, and how these combine to define value for money. We are value driven, rather than simply cost driven.”

We focus on a solutions-driven approach and delivering the best outcomes for our clients. We can support the challenges and opportunities you face throughout the life-cycle of a development, from business and investment strategy at organisational level through to  operational efficiency of the final built product.

We have the confidence to ask our clients what their burning  issues are and provide a service that not only focuses on the core issues but drives the process to achieve objectives.


  • Our Cost Managers / Quantity Surveyors are there to provide independent and impartial advice that can be trusted. We proactively manage construction costs, from inception to final account, to ensure best value for our clients. We develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s business goals and become their champion in project delivery, empowering their business decisions with our depth of construction knowledge. We employ people who are experts in every sector of the construction market. Our team and our rigorous cost control systems ensure that value is achieved and exceeded for every client.

    Our tailor made solutions may include some or all of the following key Cost Management Services:

    • Project feasibility  studies  
    • Cost planning
    • Cash flow forecasting and reporting on actual expenditure
    • Value engineering
    • Procurement planning
    • Tender and contractual documentation
    • Contract advice and legal support
    • Assessment and recommendation on payment  valuations for work  in progress
    • Cost reporting
    • Final account settlement
    • Post contract project analysis and project appraisal
    • Insurance valuations
    • M&E specialist services cost control
  • Before financial institutions agree to fund property developments, they must have a thorough understanding of all the construction aspects of the project in order to weigh up the risks that might impact on their capital. When a development is underway, it must be carefully monitored with regular site visits made in order to pick up any key issues as they arise.

    We assess the progress, quality and independently highlight potential risks that we would alert to the financier. A major component of this service is to assess and advise when costs can be drawn down against the capital facility, and on the adequacy of the remaining undrawn loan to cover the forecast cost to complete.

    The EQUATE team has developed a framework widely that has been accepted by a number of institutions on the continent, with one goal in mind, aiding bankability and reducing risk to both the developer and the financier. We liaise with banks, their lawyers and the developer at every stage of a development.

  • When a bank funds a property development that  runs into  problems, either with the construction  works or  with the funding, it  needs to take expert advice before deciding what to do next.

    EQUATE has the knowledge to appraise the construction aspects of a development and to advise the funders of their options. We are experienced operators in the construction sector  with many years of  practice across multiple sectors. We draw upon this knowledge to identify the key issues  and give sound advice to financial institutions as to their best course of action.

  • When parties are in conflict, they need  clear, unbiased, expert advice and testimony to help settle  disputes to the satisfaction of  all concerned. Being able to anticipate, prevent or minimise programme and cost overruns by consulting with our team through  the construction stage of a project is also of enormous benefit to our clients.

  • Through the international experience gained by some of our senior staff, EQUATE is able to provide a unique service offering to the construction and property sectors. We would be approached to conduct an independent review of projects for either private or public clients to ascertain the cause of a potential dispute or litigation. Whilst this is a very specialist service, EQUATE would also support and partner with an accounting firm.

  • The whole-life costs of a facility include the costs of acquiring or building it, operating and maintain it over its life through to its disposal. Significant financial, operational and sustainability benefits can be achieved using a whole-life approach to facility design, with organisations gaining the greatest value where the approach is adopted from the outset.

  • Enterprise Risk Management  Services help organisations integrate risk management into their business and strategic processes to enable them to take risks to create value as well as respond to and mitigate risks appropriately. We provide a range of services to help  organisations with  their risk management issues, including identification and prioritisation of enterprise-wide risks, assessment  of an organisation’s  risk capabilities, and development of the tools, processes and organisational structures needed to build a robust and sustainable risk management program.

    Identification and mitigation  of project risks is inseparable  from our  core services of programme, project and cost management. However, as independent cost and financial advisors to the construction industry, EQUATE offers risk analysis and management as a separate, as well as an integrated service to our clients. Management of risk is key to the risk assessment process and our philosophy is “raise a risk – then provide a mitigation strategy and manage it away”. This turns “risk” management into “opportunity” management.

    Services we can provide include:

    • Project audit
    • Project investment analysis
    • Project funding support
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Project risk management
    • Forensic analysis
  • At EQUATE we pride ourselves in the fact that all of our Directors and senior staff members are accredited Green Star SA Professionals with the Green Building Council of South Africa.

    As property becomes subject to more regulation and raised expectations, owners and occupiers will be exposed to new challenges and costs. In addition, transparency and comparability are increasingly demanded both by governments and markets across the continent. In this new context, the sustainability performance of buildings is beginning to significantly impact budgets and reputations.

  • Triggered by the identification of a business need for a contract with a certain scope and a business case (including budget) for its procurement. A clear decision is needed prior to commencement of procurement to ultimately award a contract.

    Procurement Management serves to establish these first principles:      
    • Procurement Policies
    • Procurement Procedures and Processes
    • Procurement Routes
    • Evaluation Criteria
    • Contractual Solutions

    The above solutions are tailored to suite the specific programme and / or project requirements and applies to new contracts and extensions or renewals of existing contracts.

    Our main focus is to assist private and primarily public institutions to establish these processes and policies based on solid transparent and accountable principals.

    A number of policies and procedures have been developed to help achieve these objectives and to ensure that procurement activity:

    • Complies with legislation;
    • Achieves value for money;
    • Is open and transparent and safeguards against corruption, fraud or bias;
    • Is well documented to provide a clear audit trail; and
    • Manages and allocates risks and opportunities.